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Clean Up with Our Power Washing Service in Dubuque, IA

At HD window cleaning in Dubuque, Iowa, we can power wash many outdoor areas of your home or commercial building. This high-pressure cleaning also takes all the mildew and fungus off the sides of structures, making them look newer.

High-Pressure Cleaning in Dubuque, IA

What We Clean

Our power washing service in Dubuque, IA can clean several areas outdoors. When pressure washing siding, we can use a chemical wash known as a soft wash, so it will remove mildew and fungus but won't damage the finish. We can pressure wash or soft wash any type of siding. We can also pressure wash roofs to keep shingles clean and prevent mold, mildew, and fungus from growing. Other areas we can power wash include:

• Concrete
• Wood
• Roof Chemical Wash
• Driveways
• Walkways
• Deck & Fence Restoration
• Patios
• Retaining Walls
• House Chemical Wash


The price of high-pressure cleaning your home or business depends on the square footage of the house, building, or property. After we are done cleaning, we can also apply stain to the areas for a fresh, new look. Ask us about those costs.

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Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing in Dubuque, IA